For the highly anticipated sophomore season of Narcos, Netflix wasn’t shy about revealing that its central character, Pablo Escobar, dies. Embracing this, we created a 360° marketing campaign that revolved around the infamous bullet and Pablo Escobar’s demise. Two days were spent shooting the cast, as well as props and sets, on location in Bogotá, Colombia, capturing both still photography and motion for the multifaceted campaign.

In addition to our iconic key art, And Company and its sibling agency Compadre brought to life several motion concepts, including a date announcement video featuring the captivating theme song, and a primary motion concept announcing that, “The hunt for Pablo is on.” Netflix also presented us with an intriguing media buy — branding TSA security trays at major US airports. What started out as a challenge turned into a clever and surprising campaign asset, and quickly became a social media sensation on Instagram and Twitter.


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