The Crown



We were honored to partner with Netflix in creating the campaign for their most ambitious and expensive original series to date. The two day campaign shoot, which included still photography and video, took place on the set of The Crown, in Borehamwood, outside of London. Jason Bell, a celebrity photographer who has photographed the real Queen Elizabeth and Royal Family, was selected as the photographer and director for the campaign. Ten actors—all British, except for John Lithgow—were photographed in various setups and situations, to give Netflix a broad toolkit of assets to use for the extensive campaign.

This series gives us an unprecedented look at the private lives of the royal family, so the emphasis of the campaign was to pull back the curtain and reveal the human, relatable side of the key players in the British empire. Along these lines, the campaign shows Queen Elizabeth II as an ordinary woman who was forced into the great responsibility of the monarchy at a young age. The simple device of intersecting each character with black and white backgrounds helped reinforce the division between their private lives and their public personas.

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