The Magicians



The sophomore season of SyFy’s “The Magicians” gets darker thematically, and the marketing campaign echoes this tone. The primary key art eschews the ensemble cast to feature the “White Lady”—one of the fantastical creatures from the fantasy world of Fillory—emerging from the forest. The actress spent nine hours in makeup in preparation for the photoshoot in Vancouver, which included the construction of a forest clearing.

In addition to the key art, we created individual posters that display each character exercising their magic specialty. We also created the book cover art for Lev Grossman’s “The Magician King”—which is the accompanying book for the new season of “The Magicians.”

Our brother company, Compadre, created extensive motion and digital assets for the campaign, including producing, shooting, editing and VFX for two teasers, shot in Vancouver with the cast. Compadre also developed a full digital campaign, with assets for Snapchat and other social media, on-air snipes, and a graphics package for broadcast. In addition, they did the VFX ad finishing for a “tutting” music video.

For the motion components of the campaign we collaborated with our sister company, Compadre.

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